Product Analysis Simulation Testing
Stress analysis, force and material simulation, renders, video fly through and more

Virtual product services

Carrick Engineering offers advanced product simulation and testing services, these are often used along side our product design services. We perform fully documented stress analysis as well as photo realistic product renders and video.

Product Renders and Videos

We use the latest CAD software to provide our customers with photo realistic product renders and even videos of their finished product, all created from our CAD models prior to manufacture. These can be invaluable for new product releases and promotional videos.

Finite Element Analysis

Our engineers perform product simulation and testing implementing finite element analysis in both linear and non liner modes. This enables us to simulate metals and plastics and see how they react to applied forces and pressures before any manufacture takes place. This reduces costs and also speeds up new product or component development times.

Time-based Motion Analysis

We use time-based motion analysis to virtually build and even operate your product as it would in the real world. this allows virtual real world testing of practical operation and also to measure the forces and loads within the design whilst being operated.

Time-based motion analysis provides data sets that can be used to correctly size motors and hydraulic components, and create the best possible mechanism to ensure performance, product quality, and safety are all adhered too.

Structural Analysis

Once the assembly motion has been calculated, a structural analysis of the components under the motion-induced loads (accelerations and joint forces) can easily be carried out, either within the motion study or exported to a structural analysis study.

Our simulation uses the displacement formulation of the finite element method to calculate component displacements, strains, and stresses under internal and external loads. The geometry under analysis is discretised using tetrahedral 3D, triangular 2D and beam elements. once discretised structural analysis can be solved using either a direct sparse or iterative solver.

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