Feritech Global Limited

Feritech Global Limited is an engineering and technology company specialising in harsh and off-shore environments. Feritech is involved with off-shore projects across the globe, and across all marine engineering sectors.


Purpose and Scope

The customer request was machining elements of its vibrocorer product, more specifically, the vibrocorer pot. It was difficult for Feritech to find a local machining company that was able to provide an adequate lead time, machining capacity and high quality results. Paramount to their requests was a company capable of machining components of more than 600mm diameter



Carrick Engineering was able to provide the following operations:

  • Turning – sealing and mating faces, size critical profiles, and O-ring grooves
  • Boring – sealing faces
  • Milling – multiple tapped holes, critical bearing faces and intricate profiles.

On top of this the vibrocorer needed to descend to the ocean floor, up to 2km deep. This meant that the welding provided had to allow for the water pressure at this depth.

Carrick Engineering where able to provide the solution with our experienced team of engineers. We were able to deliver the project within an incredibly limited lead time, as well as provide a high level of service throughout, including regular updates, and have subsequently received repeat orders for this work.


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